What We Do

We manage  and curate talent and we produce and develop live content of all kinds. From thoughtful lectures and charitable fundraising, television programming, small industry salons and old fashion live comedy concerts. We have unique access to teams of a- list comedians, comedy writers, researchers and speakers and we know how to help raise money for non- profits.

Comedic Ventures’ founder and CEO Bob Ayres, has deep roots in the national comedy and technology space. As the founder of the infamous Haight-Ashbury comedy club, The Other Café, coupled  with a proximity to emerging technology trends through his Next 20 Year’s project and affiliation with the prestigious TED conference,  Bob likes to think he can leverage his spheres of influence towards things we all might find…in a word, hilarious.

We’ll see …

We look for fun smart projects and talented artists, first and foremost.